Thursday 24 October 20193:00 PM - 5:30 PMAdd to calendar

Mahitahi Colab Boardroom, A Block NMIT, 322 Hardy Street, NelsonView map

Presenters: Tony and Helen Smale, Forté Management

The way that staff are led makes more difference to performance than any other single factor. And as we progress deeper into skills shortages and into the new world of automated technology and AI, these topics will grow ever more important.

This is a short workshop for every person who manages people. It’s about the things that your people managers need to know in order to get the very best from your complete team.

Everyone, almost without exception, has unrealised potential. It’s your job as business leaders to unlock that potential. To set it free. How to do that isn’t always obvious and often it seems it’s difficult if not impossible. Yet there are a suite of tools and concepts based on modern management science research and proven in practice that achieve pleasing, and sometimes spectacular results. Results that grow performance, productivity and profit.

This workshop provides an overview of what management science and experience point towards as the biggest opportunities for New Zealand businesses.

  • Potential. Why settling for “that’s what we pay them for” isn’t good enough. How and why engaged and empowered staff deliver so much better results.
  • Mindset & business psychology. Why mindset of managers and staff has so much impact on performance and productivity. How you can energise your workplace without spending an extra cent;
  • National culture and business strategy. Things have different meaning depending on where you come from. Understanding what makes Kiwis tick and how to best engage with our increasingly multi-cultural workforce is essential and should be mandatory learning;
  • Vagueness & clarity. Vagueness and leaving people to figure things out for themselves lowers productivity. Staff often do not understand what we expect of them – tasks and behavior. Crystal clarity is vital but remarkably rare;
  • Feedback & the art of good questioning. Providing feedback constructively is a powerful tool to grow performance. Yet too often it’s delivered in a way that reduces rather that improves performance. Effective questioning is as near to the magic formula as your are likely to experience in management.

Tony and Helen Smale, Directors of Forté Management Business Consulting, Training, Coaching ( are professional, qualified and dynamic.  They research their topics deeply, interpret that into a 21st century New Zealand context and wrap it together with extensive practical experience. They are highly regarded speakers across New Zealand and overseas. They provide a unique amalgam of consulting, executive coaching and business consulting. Their work focuses increasingly on helping managers develop their people to unlock the latent potential hidden in almost every member of staff.


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