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New Zealand has seen a rising awareness and management of Health and Safety issues in the workplace driven by legislation and the less than ideal statistics of accidents and injuries when compared to our OECD counterparts.

Mental health remains a difficult area of health management in the workplace due to cultural stigma and a lack of confidence in how to approach staff. 

Employers often describe a stalemate situation where the employee remains certified unfit by their medical practitioner and they cannot address the issues due to a lack of sufficient information regarding the problem.

Employers have a responsibility and opportunity to create avenues for objective and non-judgmental communication to support employee’s health in the workplace. With the rise in mild to moderate mental health diagnoses, more companies will be facing this issue.

This presentation will cover the following issues:

  • Safety critical aspects of mental health in the workplace
  • Guidance around supporting your team and the colleagues of workers with mental health concerns
  • Fostering communication that allows rapid analysis, management, and resolution of mental health issues in the workplace

Presenter: Dr Scott Newburn, Occupational Medicine Specialist, Hemisphere Health Ltd

Dr Scott Newburn is an Occupational Medicine Specialist. He began his Occupational Medicine career in Australia working with mining, off shore and heavy industry employers combined with injury care and return to work management. Scott returned to New Zealand and has since started Hemisphere Health Ltd and is committed to making a positive difference to occupational health influencing health improvements at company and individual levels.

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